Tailored Audiences

Tailored Audiences, released in the end of 2013, are the tipping point where Twitter started to become a serious advertising platform.

Advertisers can use Twitter ID’s, email addresses or information gathered from pixeldata to target or exclude certain users. The functionality of tailored audiences looks a lot like the custom audiences which we all know and love from Facebook. Twitter works basicly the same.

CRM audiences

How does it work? The advertisers assembles a list of email-addresses from the CRM database. One could choose to use a list of current clients and not target those people. If you have a campaign offering a “welcome” incentive it could be hurtful to the success of the campaign if existing customers, who can’t claim the incentive are exposed to those ads.

Or one could choose to narrow out a segment of current clients to lure the back into the store.

The proces of creating the audience is to supply the data with a Twitter certified partner who will build the audience for you or has the tooling to help you build the audience


The current list of partners are AcxiomDatalogixEpsilon, LiverampMailchimpMerkle and Salesforce ExactTarget. But the list grows fast as more company’s build their own  solution on top of the Twitter API.

ID audience

If you have a successful mobile app or a webcare platform who gathers information about the twitter use of your clients or users you could use that information to build a tailored Audience to be able to reach out to them with the right message.


Pixel audience

Do you know a client who enters the store and directly decides to buy? Those a very good clients but not very common. Depending on your product or service most clients need to have a moment to think before they are “ready” to buy. With a Pixel based tailored audience you could lure  them back into your store. Set the pixel on your Product page and when a potential customer visit your site he will be put into this tailored audience. All the advertiser now needs to do is write the right text and wait till the client comes back and makes the purchase.

Tailored Audiences from Web

Explanation of tailored audiences from web

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