Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets on twitter are just that; “tweets”. But with a added layer of control. The advertiser can control where the tweet will appear. There are several places where a sponsored tweet can appear.

  • In the newsfeed of the followers of the advertiser, just as a bog standard tweet.
  • At the very top of the profile page of the advertiser. This workes almost the same as “pinning” a facebook post to the top of the profile page
  • In the newsfeed of twitter users targeted by keywords
  • In the newsfeed of twitter users targeted by a wide range of interestgroups. These groups range from “business news” to “Coffee enthusiasts” (like us)
  • In the newsfeed of twitters users targeted by the people, brands, aliens or entities they follow.

The advertiser can add targeting based on geography (almost everywhere in the world), gender and device.

Devices are target-able  by desktop, laptop, netbook and notebook computers and mobile devices. Within mobile a split between iOS (mostly Apple), Android (LG, HTC, Samsung), BlackBerry (RIM) and other can be made. Notice that Windows Mobile (Nokia) currently is missing.

Advertising is bought though auction.  And the advertiser pays on a CPE-model. CPE means Cost Per Engagement. You get the impression for free but pay only if a user clicks on a link in the tweet, reply’s to, favorites or re-tweets your tweet of if the user interacts with a twitter card.

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