Promoted Accounts

You already have a good presence on twitter but your customers cannot find you? You can use promoted accounts to quickly build a larger group of followers.  You can easily build a larger group of followers. And the follower of today can be your client of tomorrow and your brand advocate the next day.


Twitter advertising allows you to target your new potential followers with laser sharp precision. This way you can build a perfect audience based on gender, geography or interest! 

You’ll only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account—it’s that simple. Just set a budget. The budget you set may vary across campaigns and will depend on your goals.

The average price, measured a cost per follower, can be a bit high but unlike Facebook Twitter does not have a “Edgerank” system in place. Once a user is following your account he will receive all your tweets… for free. Promoted account can be a good starting point for twitter and Twitter advertising.

In a long term marketing strategy promoted accounts have a important role to build a strong base of engaged followers who share and amplify your messages. For short term results you can use your own base  to target your promoted tweets  and include the “people like your base” as an targetting group. This “people like”-group grows exponentially with the growth of your own base.

Promoted account on mobile and desktop

Promoted accounts show up in mobile home timelines and in “Who to follow,” Twitter’s own account recommendation engine. Twitters own algorithm finds users who may be interested in you and puts your account in front of them.


Promoted account example

Promoted account example


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