Say Hi to the world (and Venture beat)

Did you read the article on Venture Beat? please read my reply


Wow! Today I had my 15 nanoseconds of digital fame. This mere website was discussed on the Venture Beat newsblog. I believe it’s time to correct some facts from the article.



If a website say’s it’s “not affiliated with Twitter and/of any coffeebar”. Sometimes that is just the truth. I’ve never worked for Twitter nor a subcontractor of the Twitter corp.

I’m not 5 years old

Well… actually this isn’t that far from the truth. My age is way beyond the years of careless Lego® playing but I’m an online programmatic and social advertising specialist for a little over five years now.

And, as John Koetsier with his trained eye in journalism carefully concluded: I don’t have much experience in webdesign. One has to start somewhere… great journey, one step… undsoweiter.


Why this page? I really really love the chances Twitter Advertising offers to advertisers worldwide. The product suite ranging from Sponsored Tweets to Sponsored Trends and it’s endless targeting possibilities are just awesome for anybody with the slightest care for online marketing.

I like to talk about my experience in this field. Everyday I manage several advertising campaigns on Twitter, Tumblr, LinkeTwitterFacebookdIn and Facebook. Unfortunately the folks at Venture Beat found this little digital cul-de-sac before it was ready enough to shine.

Please come back soon or start reading about Twitter advertising, Sponsored Tweets, Sponsored Accounts,Cost Per Engagement and all targeting possibilities which makes the awesome tool which is Twitter more awesome. And this page will help you make Twitter work for your business.

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