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Smilies on twitter

Did you know you could use smilies in a tweet? All special symbols from the utf-8 characterset are supported by Twitter. Try and incorporate a smiley face ☺ in your tweet and you’ll notice a increase in your engagement rate! ✈♬☑ ☎ ☒ ☻ ♤ ☤☹♀ ✩✉ ✇♺✖♨ ❦☁ ✌♛ ❁☪ ☂✏♝ ❀ ☭☃☛♞ ✿ ☚ […]

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Why BaristaBar?

Why is this page called “Barista Bar SF” and why is it not about Espresso’s, Senseo en double nut latte’s? Twitter used to use his @baristabarSF account to demonstrate all new advertising possibilities. And since we Social Advertising people like both coffee and new advertising solutions the BaristaBar seems a good place to start. Read all […]

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Say Hi to the world (and Venture beat)

Did you read the article on Venture Beat? please read my reply   Wow! Today I had my 15 nanoseconds of digital fame. This mere website was discussed on the Venture Beat newsblog. I believe it’s time to correct some facts from the article.   First If a website say’s it’s “not affiliated with Twitter […]

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